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Hello, my name is Alina Zakovyrko, a photographer from Ukraine. My passion for photography manifests in two distinct specializations: macro photography of flowers and cute insects, and street photography.

I am fascinated by the tiny details of the natural world, from fluffy petals to graceful wings. My camera serves as a lens into this enchanting realm, where every corner reveals infinite beauty.

I am also drawn to the fleeting moments of urban life. My street photography captures the raw energy and emotion of the city, from bustling street markets to quiet alleyways.

Through my photography, I aim to captivate you with the beauty of our world and inspire you to see it in unexpected places. I want you to discover a world that has always been here, but may have been lost in the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Whether you are looking to deepen your connection with nature or appreciate the unique beauty of the urban environment, I invite you to explore my work. My photos tell the stories of nature and life, and I hope they will inspire you to see the beauty that surrounds us all.

Awards :

TIFA 2023 - Bronze in Special/Macro Photography 


MUSE PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS 2024 -  Platinum Winner

Category- Nature Photography - Macro


Minimalist Photography - Black and White


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